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Body Work and Rust Repair | Air Cooled Volkswagens Atlanta

One of the biggest problems with Aircooled Volkswagens is that many of them have rusted.  The seals go bad in the windows and the floors rust from the inside out, or the body itself has been exposed to salt and other corrosives over the years, and it rusts from the bottom up.  Baker Kustoms & Restorations is your one-stop shop for everything body related.  We repair all kinds of aircooled VW's, including the: classic VW Beetle, Transporter, Microbus, Camper, VW Thing, Karmann Ghia, Notchback, Fastback, Squareback, 411, and others. 

We specialize in aircooled VW's, and have worked on them for decades.  We're metal work specialists, so no matter how rusted you think your car is, we can bring your precious air cooled VW back to live and ready to roll.  

We can do all of the following repairs:

  • Body work
  • Rust repair
  • Heater Channel replacement
  • Hole repair
  • New floors
  • and much, much more!

If you're antique VW is sitting around collecting dust and rotting away, we can help you bring it back to life with our aircooled VW body repair services in Atlanta.  We're located in Dallas, GA, not far off of I-75, so we're convenient to the Atlanta Metro area.  Trust your Aircooled VW to someone who knows what they're doing-- at Baker Kustoms and Restorations

Call today to schedule:  770.425.8600


Window Seals Matter!  With the weather being not so snowy here in Georgia, there is no salt to rust a car from the bottom up.  BUT, a car can very easily be rusted from the inside out if your window seals are bad, particularly the front or rear one.  Water leaks in the bad seal, which drips onto the floor or package tray of the car.  Then because it's in an enclosed space, it stays, and it rusts your nice car.  So keep your seals new!