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Brakes, Suspensions, and More | How Low Do You Wanna Go??? :)

We can take you low!

So very many people today want their aircooled Volkswagen to have a much lower stance than it originally had in order to give it a more modern look.  Camber can be added, front end's narrowed, drop spindles installed, front beam adjusters installed and brake modifications can be made.  We do it all.

If you're just looking to lower your car a bit to give it a tougher stance, or if you want major modifications to your braking system so that your car stops on a dime, we can do all that work for you.  Front end or rear end of your aircooled VW, Beetle, Bus, or Ghia, we can lower your car to just the place you want.  We can also install tires and wheels on your car if you need, because most people these days have moved away from the stock VW wheels. 

Need Suspension, Brake Work, or Wheel Work on your Air Cooled VW?  We can help!

  • Narrowed Front Beams
  • Adjustable Front Beams Created and Installed
  • Disc Brake Upgrades
  • Lowered Rear Suspensions
  • Brake Work of All Kinds
  • Super Beetles Lowered Too!
  • And Much More!

If you have questions, please call us and we'll help you discover exactly what your needs are so that your aircooled VW becomes your dream car!

AircooledSUSPENSION Tech-Tip 

Did you know that by lowering your car your tires will often rub the body if not done correctly?  Often times, people try to do these things themselves, and without a knowledge of what lowering a car does to the geometry of the vehicle, it can drive and turn terribly.  Best you check with a professional who has done these jobs before so that your Aircooled VW continues to drive well even after it's lowered!