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Aircooled VW Maintenance, Repairs, and Tune-Ups in Atlanta | Dallas GA | Marietta

Can We Fix it?  Yes We Can!

So your aircooled VW doesn't run?  We can fix it.  As well as providing restorations, we do a ton of maintenance on aircooled Volkswagens as well.  We support a ton of owners who not only have cars that are show worthy, but also the guy who doens't want to just show his car but wants to drive it day in and day out.  

There's something about driving these little cars that is such a remarkable experience, but they need work routinely in order to keep them on the road.  Unlike modern cars, these were built in a day were everyone was a backyard mechanic, and could do the work themselves.  Most shops don't know how to tackle these jobs any longer because they are not computer controlled.  We are and always have been mechanics, who have the skills to troubleshoot what's going on with a car, and to deliver it to you running great. 

No matter what the problem with your car, we can get it running great.

We do:

  • Minor and Major Tune Ups
  • Fuel Pump Replacements
  • Points and Condenser adjustments/replacements
  • Distributor Cap and Rotor replacements
  • Adjust Valves
  • Fix Oil Leaks
  • Oil Screen Changes
  • Upgrades to Electronic Ignition
  • Brake Repairs
  • Disc Brake Upgrades
  • Electrical Work and Electrical Diagnosis
  • Wiring Harness Replacement
  • and many other services!




Did you know?  An old Beetle, Karmann Ghia, VW Thing, or other aircooled Volkswagen when it hesitates consistently or has lower power, is normally out of tune.  This can happen from timing that has gone bad, bad or mis adjusted points, or valves that are out of adjustment as well.  The end result of any of these things that continue on is a motor that heats up and shortened motor life.  So keep your motor cool by keeping it tuned up.  Also--  no faster than 62 when the ambient air temperature is higher than 75 Degrees.  Remember these cars are AIR cooled!